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In-House Design Center

We understand that people are busy and don’t have time to be drive all over to make selections decisions. Without a design center, the customer is burdened with making, for example, a tile decision, without access to the countertops, or floors, or cabinets. That opens the door for an uninformed decision and is a recipe for disappointment. Homes by Joe Boyden keeps it all under one roof.

On-Staff Selections Coordinator

During the selections process you are not alone. Experienced in decorating and project management, Lynn Boyden and Melinda Bowen lend selections advice to ensure that the home of your dreams is the one that you build.  

Full Support Staff

Homes by Joe Boyden is not a one-person shop and no one person is expected to do it all. A customer is surrounded by a team of staff that are experts in various aspects of the construction process. Melinda and Joe work with a customer on the architecture, specifications, options, and contract paperwork. The Joe and the field team run the day to day construction of the home, and Melinda and the talented Sales Team are side by side with you through all the finish details. We are set up so the customer gets the best of everyone’s talents.

Guaranteed Up Front Pricing

Homes by Joe Boyden offers a fixed contract price up front. Our detailed specifications document explicitly details the scope of work so there is no gray area in what the expectations are for the home. Other builder’s may offer a “cost plus” scenario where the builder is not incentivized to negotiate the best pricing possible as it is simply passed along to the client.

Detailed Paperwork

Detailed paperwork ensures that a customer always knows where they stand financially. A change order details the proposed scope of work and the cost effect of a deviation from the specifications. No work is done without Joe, Lynn or Melinda’s and the customers signatures and the pricing is given up front so there are no surprise charges at the end.

Financial Stability

Homes by Joe Boyden is a financially strong company and has stood the test of time. Despite one of the worst recessions of all time, Joe Boyden has never been foreclosed upon or given any property or lot back to a bank. For this reason, banks are more than willing to loan money and subcontractors stand in line to work for Joe. A Builder’s finances are very important because if a builder fails to pay a subcontractor, a lien can be put on your home!

Labor and Material Contracts

Because we build more homes than the average custom builder we are able to negotiate below market pricing contracts in order to help keep our prices low and save money for our customers.

Joe & Lynn Boyden

Builder - Owners

Joe & Lynn BoydenThis extraordinary custom homebuilder has been defining and refining his home building skills for more than three decades.   Like a finely trained athlete, Joe started from the ground up, working in the field from the age of sixteen.

Still in his teens and younger than most of his employees, Joe built town home developments, erected private greenhouses, and worked as a framer against well-known and well-funded competitors.   At the age of 21, he was the "go to" contractor for both simple and complex projects.  For example,... a perfectly designed and built spiral staircase?   Call Joe.   No other builder or carpenter could compete.

Today, Joe has grown his company, Homes by Joe Boyden, into one of New Mexico's premier home designers and builders.   Based in Tijeras, New Mexico, twenty miles east of Albuquerque, Joe continues to personally oversee construction from start to finish of nearly 100 homes per year.   It's a reflection of his dedication to each and every customer, and a testimony to his commitment to a job well done.   As Joe says, "A lot of builders forget to finish.   We ARE finishers!"

Homes by Joe Boyden has succeeded in building beautiful homes and lasting relationships over the years because of the philosophy embraced by Joe Boyden and his team, that because all families are unique, with different needs and personalities, every home should reflect that individuality inside and out ... today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Clients are offered a wide array of choices when it comes to customizing home plans.   Common modifications include the enlargement of master suites, the addition of covered patios, window or door relocation and additional fireplaces.   "Flexibility is the name of the game when designing and building," says Joe.

Lynn has been the hub around which Boyden Enterprises have rotated for over thirty years. Her refined sense of style has touched every home Joe has built, and her pride in their accomplishments is tangible. From accounting, to real estate, to design and production, Lynn Boyden keeps us all inspired.