Built for the way you live...

Oshara is a village built to balance human needs with ecological imperatives without compromising quality, comfort or value.  Healthy and safe with sensible conservation of water, energy and land, Oshara Village is setting a standard for sustainable living.  Oshara Village aims to provide a community based on the principles of balance and ecological sustainability, while still upholding the values of quality craftsmanship and comfortable living.  The vision is to create a community that respects the land and the environment by building energy efficient homes, irrigating with reclaimed water, and using solar energy.

Oshara Village Features

Oshara has been designed as a community of unique character which incorporates diverse, human scale, ecologically respectful neighborhoods. The principles that shaped Oshara include;

  • pedestrian oriented neighborhoods
  • reduced negative impact of automobiles
  • garages located behind buildings whenever possible
  • street trees
  • wide sidewalks
  • building fronts and porches along streets
  • neighborhood retail within walking distance of all residents
  • parks within walking distance of all residents
  • narrow, slow streets
  • on street parking to buffer pedestrians from traffic
  • open space interconnected by a trail system
  • public realm celebrated
  • central plaza surrounded by mixed use buildings
  • richness of a traditional neighborhood
  • wide variety of housing types, not just sizes